[img http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PvKckF_Vdxw/UFSLSL5gw0I/AAAAAAAANxk/Tv7wVs15hlY/s1600/USHER SPEAKS TO OPRAH.png[/img] Marriage is a beautiful thing but could be very frustrating when things go wrong, either by making a bad choice in choosing ones life partner or by refusing to"adjust" accordingly.
A sneak peek into his latest interview on Oprah's Next Chapter, showed that Usher isn't happy with his marriage experience.
The musician tells Oprah in the interview that will air on Sunday on OWN that he feels like kicking himself in the butt for getting married when he did.
"I say kicking myself in the butt because I always felt like maybe we weren't ready. And maybe thiswasn't the time or the way to do it. Part of that I think played into the demise of it," Usher said. NOTICE share dis on facebook

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