Sources say the red began appearing in the Yangtze, the longest and largest river in China and the third longest river in the world, yesterday
near the city of Chongquing, where the Yangtze connects to the Jialin River.



The Yangtze River is called "golden" because of the heavy
rainfall it receives year-round, and it runs through Chongqing, Southwest China's largest industrial and commercial center, also known as the
"mountain city" because of the hills and peaks upon which its many buildings and factories stand.
As much as the reddening has stopped some people's regular routine, it hasn't stopped the local fishermen from fishing and going about their regular
While the river's red
coloring was most pronounced near Chongqing it was also
reported at several other points.
Experts are still reportedly investigating and finding out the
reason behind the sudden color change!

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  • Date: Sep 15, 2012

Too much richuals full 4 china.Am nt even 1% surprise

  • Date: Sep 15, 2012

The signs are now appearing one by one. Pls be serious with God oooh my people.

  • Date: Sep 15, 2012

china is a bloody country..ppl who kill wit awt luking baba god don strike dem wit d plague of moses..