The House of Representatives has ordered all law enforcement agencies to start arresting those promoting the MMM Ponzi scheme. The lower house of legislature on Wednesday, November 9 agreed that the scheme meant
trouble for Nigerians and should therefore bestopped.

Anybody found promoting would be treated as a criminal and arrested by security agencies. The legislators moved the motion as a matter of urgent national importance after discovering members of a syndicate who conduct seminars to train people on how to invest in the business.

The motion was raised by Akinlade Fijabi from Oyo State, who described MMM as a'Rob Peter to Pay Paul Scheme' which is exploiting the economic situation of Nigerians that had left them desperate for income through any means without considering the implications. Another lawmaker from Ondo State, Bode Ayorinde said: "When the business goes burst, it is the same House that people will flood with petitions." Enugu lawmaker Dennis Amadi said the House should protect Nigerians because the collapse of MMM could make many commit suicide. "The House will not wait until these crooks defraud Nigerians of billions of naira or until people start committing suicide," he said.

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  • Date: Nov 11, 2016

these so called lawmakers are nothing but wicked thieves.How much does he take home every month as salary? now people are finding a means of generating income,since the government has failed in their duty. Mmm must go on,we are self employed,now "change begins with me".