Giant Serpent Snake Red Sea Egypt 1
August 11, 2012 ?C Giant Serpent Snake Killed In Egypt Red Sea
A gigantic ancient killer serpent snake that killed over 320 tourists and 165 divers in Egypt has been killed in the Red sea . This monster red sea snake was killed by some professional Egyptian scientists . [img serpent snake red sea egypt 2.jpg[/img] The giant snake being transferred to an Egyptian Morgue
To their credit the name of the scientists who helped in killing this killer creature are:
*. D. Karim Mohammed.
*. d. Mohammed Sharif.
*. d. Mr. Sea.
*. d. Mahmoud students.
*. d. Mazen Al-Rashidi

And the divers who also contributed to the success of catching this humongous creature are:
*. Ahmed leader.
*. Abdullah Karim.
*. fisherman Knight.
*. Wael Mohammed.
*. Mohammed Haridi.
*. spears Alvajuma.
*. Mahmoud Shafik.

As at the time of this report, the giant sea snake ??s body has been transferred to an Egypt morgue for further examination

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