[img http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PVAnwNBBJYA/T9x5-13n6MI/AAAAAAAAGVY/OocyLYPyrkA/s400/TONTO DIKE in sex for Money Scandal.JPG[/img] Nollywood bad girl, Tonto Dike who only recently begged her friends and fans to pray for her asshe has decided to quit her smoking habit, is in the news for the wrong reason again.
The Rivers State-born actress, from what infocenter gathered, was recently accused of having a one-night sex rump withMr. Taiwo Afolabi, Sifax boss, a man with the negative reputation of sleeping with several top Nollywood actress and "paying them handsomely".
However, the news seems to be spreading very fast and Tonto Dike herself has decided to break her silence on the matter. Below is how she reacted to the Sex For Money Story:
Ques.: Tonto I am calling you to confirm another gist making the rounds. Your name has been linked to sifax boss Mr Taiwo Afolabi. It is alleged you had sex with him for a fee of five million naira. Can you tell us your side of the story?
Ans.: I Dont know him and the name rings no bell
Ques.: You have never met the above mentioned man?
Ans.: No I have not
Ques.: So the story is not true? Noone gave you five million for sex?
Ans.: No please.
Ques.: So where is this five millionstory coming from. First we heardof the five million naira you supposedly borrowed Mr Rotimi Ajanaku who refused to pay and now we hear another five million that is sex related. What is going on?
Ans.: I wish I knew.
Ques.: So you cannot provide us any answers? Where do you thinkthis story is coming from? There is no smoke without fire and am sure you know that your fans are let down by such news trailing you without explanation as to where or how it came about?
Ans.: This is just another funny joke gone too far like all the others. I don't know where it is coming from. I don't even know who the man is. I have other things to concentrate on please, these are all unnecessary distractions.

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  • Date: Sep 15, 2012

wot u expect her 2 do ??????say d truth so every one can blab he r name allnaround nigeria callin her a prostitute

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