No matter what anyone says, Blackberry has cut the bug, particularly among Nigerian students. The addiction is wild and the love is always expressly declared each time you get in contact with them.

We bring you a check we ran at the Lagos State University, LASU, recently on the type of Blackberry phones they use and why.

Ekenimoh Prisca, Mass Communication

I use Blackberry Touch and I like it so much. It actually has very low memory but its okay for me. The camera is fantastic to take pictures.

Taiwo Nike

I use Blackberry Bold 2 which I bought for 82,000 naira. It has lasted long without developing any fault. I pay subscription fee of N1, 400 every month. This enables me send messages for as many times as I want

Through my BB, I connect with friends and search for classmates on facebook. I check their lifestyle, know what they are doing at every point in time. Also, I get information on academics from course mates or school mates whenever I am not in school as well as during holidays, through networking.

Apart from my Blackberry Bold 2, I also use Nokia 5310 which is a touch screen phone that I use for browsing, the camera is 3.5 mega pixel which gives me clear pictures, it is durable.

Theophilus Amaechi, Microbiology

80% of our students here,use Blackberry phones no matter the type. Mine is Blackberry Bold 2. It is a phone that gives me the freedom to do so many things at the same time. I bought it for 48,000, I take pictures with it and print them and check email. Sometimes, I do my assignments by getting information on the internet through Google.

James Ebuta, Microbiology

I use Blackberry Touch. For me, it is not a status symbol though. I use it to keep my academic pursuit oiled. Through my BB, I educative as it teaches me things I did not know before.

At the moment, I use Airtel but believe me, its a mistake because they take my money any how.

Aderonke Balogun, Medicine and Surgery

I use Blackberry Curve 2 and it helps me so much with sourcing information for the internet. I usually go through Google. Another thing I like is the camera though I canâ€t see how many mega pixel it has but it gives me very clear pictures.

Sanusi Aminat

Blackberry Curve is my lovely phone and I use it for browsing, it is strong, portable and just okay.

The applications in it make me do a lot of things with ease.

I chat through Facebook and at times, I use it for my assignments. It also helps me know what is happening around my friends.

Akin Bola

My phone is Blackberry 98100 touch and I bought it 72,000 naira. I love the yahoo MSM as I use it to connect with friends on facebook. It has 5.0 mega pixel camera and that leaves me with superb pictures whenever I take shots.

Chioma Jennifer

I use Blackberry Javelin. I love it because of its numerous applications such as the BBM, Pinging. It browses faster and it is a camera edge phone

Esther Ezemezue

I use Blackberry Bold2 for social networking. It helps me to down load information within a short time, for my assignments. I chat, Twitt, and the camera is beautiful.

- Vanguard

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  • Date: May 22, 2013

blackberry nd money re friend when u ve it , it sure u go ve money

  • Date: May 23, 2013

its nothing compared to what i do wit my nokia simbian phone n my htc android phone