A 24-year-old man walked into a Bronx police precinct Wednesday night and confessed to murdering his 21-year-old girlfriend, who cops later found dead in his apartment after he gave them permission to search his home.

Jealous Boyfriend

Angel Esteban Felix Rodriguez calmly walked into the 48th precinct around 6pm and confessed to officers at the station that he killed his girlfriend Indira Ramirez-Rivera two days earlier.

According to the NY Daily News, Rodriguez surrendered his keys to police and permitted them to search the Nelson Avenue apartment the couple shared. When police arrived, they found the body of the young woman in the bedroom, dead of apparent strangulation.

Both friends and neighbors of the couple said that the suspect was prone to violent fits of jealousy and rage, and recalled that police had visited the apartment on several occasions to deal with domestic disputes.

One of Indira's friends told the Daily News that she had recently decided to leave the relationship.

"She was at my friend's house on Friday. She wanted to go back to her apartment and pack her stuff and leave him, " her friend Andy Rodriguez, 18, said. "I didn't expect him to do anything like this."

The couple both worked at bars in the Bronx; he was a busboy at Salsa Con Fuego, and she worked at another neighborhood bar.

A neighbor said that the striking young woman often garnered a lot of attention for her beauty which made her boyfriend very jealous and possessive.

"He was very jealous. She was very sexy, and he didn't like the way she dressed on the street," said Kenia Miniera, 55, said.

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