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A Zimbabwean man who reportedly used juju during a short-time s*x with a prostitute, has regretted his actions after he was caught, stripped n*ked as he ran and hid in a hill behind the Hotel until 'Good Samaritans' brought something to cover him.

A video which emerged online, shows the four s*x workers pinning the young client to the ground. One of the prostitutes was seen squashing the client's hand on the ground with her boot. They then pull off his shirt, trousers and underpants and leave him with just a pair of socks on.

The s*x workers are also seen clapping the n*ked young man in the face as he desperately seeks somewhere to hide himself. The hookers also pull the client by his organ as gathered members of the public plead for mercy and warn the s*x workers that they would kill the man.

Children are seen giggling in the background as they watch the offending scene.

People who spoke to The Mavsingo Mirror expressed fear that serious crimes including murder could soon be reported as the s*x workers get more and more daring in their criminal activities.

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