Acid Woman

A woman is in critical condition after her husband allegedly poured acid on her for delaying to return to their marital home after visiting her ailing grandfather, DailyMonitor has reported.

The sad inciden took place in Zambia. The victim identified as Ms Jane Kyazike, 25, was on Friday admitted to Iganga Hospital after her husband, Wilbrod Awor, reportedly stormed her parents' home in Kakumbi village, Waibuga Sub County in Luuka District and poured acid on her.

The suspect is reported to have left his residence in Buwenda Village in Jinja to harm his wife who is said to have left his home two months ago to take care of her ailing grandfather. The couple has one child.

Speaking from her hospital bed, the victim said that on the fateful night, she woke up to the sight of 'a man' in the house.

"I heard some movements in the house and when I tried to flash the torch on my phone, he poured some liquid which I late realized was acid, on my head and it spilled over the body." the woman narrated.

The assailant reportedly fled when the victim raised an alarm.

Kyazike's mother Ms Jamila Namwase, said she delayed to return to her marital home because as she was still taking care of her grandfather, her sister died in a road accident.

She added that the suspect had been frequenting her place pestering his wife to return home in two days lest he harms both of them. The victim, who sustained severe body injuries, was referred to Mulago Hospital for better medical care.

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