A viewing centre in Abakaliki was attacked by cultists during the El Classico clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona on Sunday April 23, 2017.

This is coming just days after football fans were electrocuted to death inside a viewing centre in Calabar.

The viewing centre is sited at Onuebonyi area of the town and eyewitnesses from the scene said the incident happened "just like a movie".

According to reports, the attackers trooped to the venue about 7.30pm., midway into the first half of the match and were seated like other viewers before attacking their victim.

According to one John Otubo, who claimed to be the owner of the viewing centre and a witness of the incident, the cultists displayed their weapons before attacking the victim, leaving everybody speechless as to reasons behind their evil act.

He said: "I watched them brandish two short guns, axes and knives as they simply went for their target, dragged him out and started using the weapons on him.

"No one can explain why they did not shoot him as they concentrated on him without attacking any other person or shooting sporadically to elicit stray-bullet incidences,'' .

Otubo also confirmed that several viewers were injured as a result of stampede during the incident while the match viewing practically ended and the victim was immediately rushed to the hospital.

It is believed that the affected individual is a second-year student of the Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki and no one knows the reason behind his attack.

According to sources within EBSU and the town disclosed that there had been several cult-related killings in and around the town which had not been made public by the police.

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