I have found that naija girls (or maybe just africans in general) dont even entertain the idea of dating a younger bros and would end or stop anything with a guy when they find out he is younger ...no matter how well the flow....even if it is only by a year.

Id like the girls to speak for themselves on this matter..

Would you date a younger guy?


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  • Date: Jul 17, 2013

they cant coz african girls/ladies re after money, ego, kudi,lajae,akuwhe wic dey blyf young guyz cant give or nt to deir expectation

  • Date: Aug 21, 2013

Its hard 2 find maturity in younger men n coupled with d fact that they almost never do what's expected of them plus most of d time, they attribute every problem that arises in the relationship 2 d age difference which can be tiring.If u r being a man, no one's gonna notice ur age,period .again,women generally mature faster than men,so 95% of d time,those relationships are disasters from d onset