Single Black Woman

I know that feeling that comes with being single, in a world where you see people around you loving up and getting hooked by the one they love.

Most times, you feel not so bothered, you wish to love and be loved right back, but here you are single and maybe unhappy. Often times, you can't wrap your head around why you are single to stupor.

You wait on intending spouse to come your way, you even have design of what your wedding day would be, the kind of dress, the ambiance and many more. Before you know it, it's just a dream and you are still single.

Relationship is not for everyone, but some people complain bitterly about being single, and they get curious to know the reason behind it. Below is a list of possible reasons why you are still single to stupor.


There are times we tell ourselves we are not ready, but if you keep saying you are not ready, you may never be ready. If you find the right one, give them the chance, instead of waiting till you are ready.

Many times, we feel we still have enough time and we just play around till we get caught unaware. You send off potentials intending spouse away, all because you are not ready.


Many times, we go about with a list of our spec. We are too interested in the flashy things we could get from a relationship, instead of facing the real deal. We want someone that is already financially stable, someone that is cute, tall, pink lips, a particular tribe, age and other qualities.


So many people are single with wrong attitudes. Do you ever wonder why it is so difficult for people to approach you? It is either you turn them off with your attitudes. Sometimes, you see yourself as a perfect person and ignore those obvious flaws.

The attitudes could be nagging, laziness, rude way of talking, disrespect and many more.


This happens when you are so in love with your status and you feel there is no need adding another to it. Your life feels happy and the idea of being single is just cool by you. Single life gives you time to express yourself without someone controlling your life, telling you how to live it.

It's a cool thing to love the feeling, but most times, the stress of being alone could be worse. The moment you get tired of staying single, you see yourself opening up to a relationship.


Love itself is a risk. You can't expect love to come to you or fall at your door step. You don't necessarily have to go out and place a card of being single round your neck, but you could be active online and try out new people.

If you don't make yourself visible, you can't attract the one you want. You need to be approachable to get people interested in dating you. Talk to people outside, look good when you step out, push yourself out there.

If these are the reasons why you are still single to stupor, you need to make conscious efforts to get hooked. Truth is being single is not so much of a good feeling, even though you try to act not bothered or the freedom attached to it.

Most of your friends are off the single market and you are out there trying to figure it out. If you find yourself exhibiting any of the listed items, it is never too late to get it fixed.

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  • Date: Jun 15, 2019

Am not surprised..... Have been an anonymous 5years ago. But now a new member. Hope to meet new friends here.