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A couple have gotten married after meeting by accident when the man mistakenly sent a message to the wrong woman.

Michael Evangelou, 44, accidentally sent a message to Lina Dahlbeck, 37, last September, unaware it was the wrong number. Three months after the message was sent, they got married.

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The pair soon started exchanging messages after the first accidental chat. They then agreed to meet and when they did, they fell in love.

Lina, who lives in Morden, South London, said: "If someone told me I would meet my future husband when he sent me a text out of the blue, I would never have believed them. People are astonished every time I tell them how we met. Some of my friends have even started sending WhatsApp messages to random numbers in the hope of finding romance."

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Car salesman Michael, from Colliers Wood in south London, added: "It's certainly a crazy way to meet someone. Everything snowballed but in a good way. She's the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with."

"Girls trip," Michael wrote in the first text, thinking he was texting his own number to remind himself to see Girls Trip. But it was sent to a female.

Make-up artist Lina replied: "Hi! Girls trip? Who's this please? I'm guessing this was intended for another Lina".

And everything pretty much took off from there to the altar.

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