Well, most times the things we see happen on Social media daily are apparently the reflex of what happens in the real world.

Popular relationship adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared a story of a particular man who is ready to be faithful to wife but is still tempted to have se*x with his side-chick.

According to him, His wife had just put to bed this December and she has stretch marks everywhere and added that he's tempted to do sexing with his side chick one more time.

He also stated that even if he does not want to go for it - He's already having erection when she sent him her nudes.

"Good morning bro Joro, sorry to wake you. I never thought I will ever write you ever. Please I need advise from you. You can also share but please hide my identity. Entering this year I decided not to have any sidechick and all. SO I cut all of them off."

"Now this particular girl doesn't want to let go. I want to hear from married men who are faithful how they do it. My wife put to bed in November I'm trying to be a responsible husband. I won't lie when she sent me her burst, I have an erection. I thought of mounting her on the floor upon doggy style way."

"She drinks pineapple so I can head her. The taste will be sugary. I'm so tempted. I didn't reply her but I am too weak. Joro. I am weak. Can I just do it one Time? Nothing will happen? I'm safe I use condoms. My wife put to bed she has so much stretch marks and she's not ready for sex."

See Screenshots of their chats...

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