1. Cheating- about 75% of Nigeria girls cheat,they are perfectly good in head games,they store guys name with female names and also calling sugar daddy their uncle,they can play guys for years without getting caught.

2. Food- 95% girls are hungry lion, they can eat copse, don't mistakes them with MrBiggs, They will eat and also take away, they can lost themselves when its come to food, they don't jokes with bone after eating turkey and they are never ashame on food matter

3. sex-if you are not good in sex, never start a relationship with Nigeria girls, getting them on bed for the first time maybe hard, but immediately they sex you once, you have sign death warrant because they will always demand for sex all time

4. selfishness-99% of them are selfish, send credit of 500 either they call you with 1 minutes to say thank you or they flash back,they are like insurance, you pay, pay, pay are you will never get anything in return

5.  Amebo(gossip)-This is their culture,they jealous themselves and condemn those beautiful than them,they can gossip from morning to night,they talks more than parrot

6. Nollywood and yoruba movie is not something to write about when it comes to naija girls,they always sit in front television when they are less busy

7. Unsatisfy shoe and cloths, even if they have 100 shoes at home, they are never satisfy, they will still want to buy more. excuse they give is all the colour must match

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  • Date: Mar 18, 2013

Guy nah 2rue talk oo,i jam one gal last wek,evryting u talk and d one way u no talk she dey do al of them.

  • Date: Aug 19, 2016

Hello, I will like to post this on my blog and give a reply for the single ladies in nigeria.