Medical experts in Nigeria have revealed that excessive masturbation and aggressive sex could break the penis.
Making the revelation is a Consultant Public Health Physician and Professor of Community Health, Bayo Onajole and a Consultant Public Health Physician, Dr. (Mrs) Omowunmi Bakare.

The two doctors affirmed that the human penis, could actually break.

DAILYPOST recently reported that a man broke his penis while having marathon sex with his wife.

Bakare said the penis could actually break when it experiences too much force such as when there is an excessive masturbation.

She told New Telegraph, "The force involved in the masturbation can affect the penis resulting in its fracture.

"Aggressive sexual intercourse or violent sex such as when a man rapes a very strong woman, such a man can fracture his penis.

"Also, when a man is not in control of the situation such as when he is not on top of his spouse during sex, his penis can break."

Explaining further she added, "Usually, adopting the missionary method during sex when the man is on top of the spouse, he is able to manoeuvre, knowing when and where to penetrate.

"But in a situation where the woman is on top, the man cannot control anything, a penis fracture can occur easily."

Bakare said trauma in the muscles of the organ could also lead to fracture.

Penis fracture is the rupture of one or both of the tunica albuginea, the fibrous coverings that envelop the penis' corpora cavernosa.

Also speaking, Prof. Onajole said, "When a penis is turgid, it's like a bone temporarily and under that condition it can fracture."

Onajole, who is a professor of Community Medicine at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos, explaind further, "Anything that can cause a sudden bending of the penis when it is turgid is a risk factor."

Prof. Onajole, however, urged men to be gentle during sex and advised them to use lubricants when necessary in order to avoid fracture.

Also, he encouraged proper packing of the penis.

His words, "This will ensure that when it is turgid and experiences sudden force, there will be some restrain on it.

"When the penis is turgid, it is like a bone; if you put sudden pressure on a bone, it will break.

"What happens is that the muscle of the penis that is strengthened when turgid will suddenly break and the continuity of the fibres in the penis will break. That is why a penis fractures."

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