I have made up my mind never to attend some churches again...

These are churches I so much admire but I found out lately that worldliness is now the order of the day..
Tears almost dropped from my eyes seeing Christians (youths especially) using these dance steps right in front of G.O ..

The other day, I was in a Church where the keyboardist played a D'banj beat - Oliver twist . .and the whole scene look just like a remix..

..is there something am missing? cos some people believe it is good to do these things in THE CHURCH OF GOD.."atleast we are glorifying God" "it is better to do these things so our youths don't end up in clubs"..
ok then, can we also smoke/drink in church?? atleast we wouldn't be going out there in the midst of sinners.. since the Bible says we shouldn't mingle with unbelievers.

Please I will appreciate cogent answers and arguments..


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  • Date: Oct 07, 2012

Dancin azonto ?? d church doesn't mean anyfin bro cuz ones u hear any beat u can dance wateva U like 2 it or iz azonto dance ment for sinners or any1 dat dances it iz a sinner, since u cant say dat so u can dance any dance u want ?? d church cuz no dance iz ment for church or can u tell me dances dat ar ment for church

  • Date: Oct 07, 2012

this is not bad bcos is just a dance which dance is meant 4 church we are glorifing god with our dancing

  • Date: Oct 08, 2012

tanx jaymex. Admin can u tell me now dat david have sinned by dancing nakedly in dancing out of joy in d temple. D fact is dia is different in d dance u danced in d church nd d music u played.

  • Date: Nov 04, 2012

remember dis is a dance owned bý a culture of akwaibom state so did u mean dat dey are sinners