Originally written by Dave Ozoalor

Read this before you get very rich or very famous!

So you really want to get very rich and famous? Its good though, but I think itâ€s over hyped.
People rarely talk about the downside of it all.
I  would be listing the downsides of getting rich that I think you should consider before you move on to be wealthy – if you would still want to after this article.

Getting very rich will get you some great stuffs like:

1. Holidays

2. Travels

3. Private Jet

4. Mansion

5. Funding for your passion

6. Gold teeth

7. Tattoos all over your body

8. Good health care

9. Great Outfit

10. Respect

Feel free to substitute your own desires and illusions. Personally, Iâ€d love to buy a growing third world country and sell it when it becomes a first world country!

Now letâ€s get down to the pros and cons; having a lot of money has a number of disadvantages especially if you didnâ€t pass through poverty, struggle and suffering to get it. If your wealth came over night, like inheriting the wealth of a dead loved one, then the drawbacks am about to list will be more pronounced in your life:

1. Die young:
Weâ€ve seen curt cobain shoot himself, Whitney Houston take drugs until she drowned in a bathub, Michael Jackson, Private Jet Plane crashes etc. Only the rich can afford to be taking such heavily expensive hard drugs that could trigger depression and in turn suicide when they are not taken. Only the rich ride in private jets, if it crashes like weâ€ve sometimes seen, only the rich die. We watched Dagrin get drunk in a night club and attempt to drive himself back home late at night in his new car, you know the end of the story – he crashed and died. If he wasnâ€t rich, he wouldnâ€t be driving a car in the first place. Let alone driving home late at night, drunk.

2. Loss of Peace:
Money may take away your peace. You are always after who wants to cheat you in business and who isnâ€t. You have armed body guard around you and around your house always. This is even more frustrating for your children. As they cant mix freely with other children and canâ€t tell why. They could get kidnapped. If you arenâ€t stingingly rich, your neighbors wonâ€t be a threat to your life. They donâ€t have to.

3. End of your goals and ambitions:
Children born into money and people who got so rich along the way see with their own eyes as their dreams disappear. This leaves them no purpose to live for. No joy of struggle and victory which is inherent in humans. This lack may cause our next point.

4. Imbecility/Stupidity/Low IQ/Madness:
Have you ever heard about crazy things super rich people do? Buying a yatch for as much as $20m . Would they abandon their house and live in a boat? What does it make them? Columbus J . No dreams, so children of super rich people find themselves doing crazy things like drawing tattoos all over their body, looking for trouble everywhere and so on, developing stupid phobia that was never there.

5. Being Judged unfairly:
Most poor people think all rich people cheated them. You are in this category so when something bad happens to you, be ready to have sadists in their millions. Most People are tempted to think you are “lucky” or that your money fell from the skies. Or that you owe it to humanity to help them since you now have more money than them.

6. Someone is richer than you:
La la la la, it never ends, you will always see someone richer than you. Itâ€s a fault youâ€ll never be able to fix.

7. No point of being fulfilled.
Youâ€ll never get that awesome feeling of being in want and struggle, then finally getting the solution that what you desire. Itâ€s a fulfilling desire youâ€ll never ever get again, except you kill yourself and start all over again! Which is what many do.

8. Suicide:
Everything becomes boring so you are tempted most of the times to kill yourself out of depression or loneliness of living in a large well fortified lonely mansion with no neighbours.

9. Lack of true friends:
All you ever get is business partners and false friends who love you for your money. No real friends again.

10. Confusion:
Buy a new house, sell it, buy another, crumble it, build another. Live a little while there, then sell it and start all over again in another state J You are forever confused because you can do almost anything you want, the opportunity cost does not mean anything to you again

11. Dreams and night mares

But donâ€t get it twisted people; getting wealthy the right way and time is priceless, donâ€t trade it for anything! Yes, yes I know and have said money is not everything, but somehow it feels better crying in a private jet than on a bicycle.

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  • Date: Mar 28, 2013

all dis thnx listd here aer d definitions of LIFE ND its steps to ur goals.u r ryt my brothr