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Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (also known as Winners Chapel) has released another prophecy concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

During a programme on Saturday, May 23, the famous Nigerian cleric said that the deadly virus will be over throughout the world very soon, PM News reports.

Oyedepo said this as he reacted to the re-opening of some churches in the nation by certain state governments.

He said that in no time, other states will follow suit and lift the ban on religious gatherings throughout the nation.

Emphasising on the brief time left for the disease in the world, Oyedepo decreed: "Watch out, very shortly, every part of the world will be totally free.

The fear of this noisome pestilence will go into oblivion... Judgment has come down on Coronavirus, its threat is over.

"The fear of it is off the sons of men. Every victim of this noisome pestilence is declared liberated today, Nigeria is free from the fear and torment of coronavirus."

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  • Date: May 26

This is not a prophecy. Tell us the exact time period to telling us very soon