A young boy has been nicknamed, "Onitsha Fire Hero", after he reportedly risked his life to save properties during the Onitsha fire at Ochanja Market in Onitsha, Anambra State.

Ebube Edochiem who interviewed the young lad took to Facebook to share the news.


Ebube wrote;
"I interviewed a guy everyone there says he is the Hero of the Hour, he was the guy that Removed the dead man that was trapped inside the shop, he was the one that climbed the shakky building that was about to collapse and retrieved people goods.


Some thoughts he is gone but he resurfaced before people assisted him. He is the Guy on this picture, he said his name is Ekene Iwuoha. If People can Celebrate Tasha of Big Brother, why not Give this Guy A warm Celebration.

He difiled the Job NEMA failed to render , he gathered Courage to move in the Building and retrieve people goods.

In France Last year , A Guy was celebrated and Honoured by the French Government because he rescue a Baby from Fire Building. He deseves some Accolades. Share Widely".


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