A Newly wedded couple who tied the knot, last year November, both lost their lives in a fatal accident while returning from a wedding ceremony in Delta state.

Close friends and relatives who can't just fathom series of event that led to their death are paying tributes to them on Facebook.

Confidence Azubuike who broke the news wrote;

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Pamela Owei wrote;

In all my 8 years on Facebook I have never had any cause to write RIP for any of my Facebook friends and it was something I took pride in because I felt somehow there was something positive about me and the people I rolled with but just this evening I read a devastating news here.

I opened my mouth for 1 minute (no exaggeration) and it felt heavy before i closed it.

A friend on my list is dead
She has been friends with me for over 3, 4 years if I am not mistaken
She got married last year and it was all glam and fine and beautiful.

Today I am reading RIP on her pictures with that of her husband
I can't even bring myself to tag her and write RIP coz it's feel unreal
Jochebed Ehimen Ifijeh is dead.

What is life really?

Today I was chatting with a friend on WhatsApp about Game of thrones and expressed my dislike for how they are making us wait till 2019 to watch the next season and he said by then some fans will be dead.

I told him it's true and laughed, I pictured some imaginary white old men and women who are following the series but will be dead this year in my head then he said even him
I rebuked him and asked him why he would say that
He said it's just the truth.

I wanted to reply him with "Me I can't die this year sha" but I just "that's true" and let the matter rest.

Now I ask myself
What is life?
My fine slender Facebook friend that I was friendly with from a distance is gone
Just like that?

I usually make the statement 'the difference between life and death is just one second' but this one struck home
Husband and wife gone just like that?
I was even pricing the hair she posted 2 weeks ago


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