In a recent interview with The Sun , Barrister
Olukoya Ogungbeje explained his decision to
defend the kidnap kingpin Chukwudi Dumeme
Onwuamadike popularly known as Evans.

Ogungbeje accused the media and the Nigerian public of being ignorant of the law saying that he is allowed to defend anyone as far as it is within the bounds of the law.

He mentioned that he had 2 weeks to consult
journalists, senior lawyers and some other
people before he finally decided to take up
the case.

He then concluded by saying what people say
in the court of public opinion doesn't matter.
Read his response below:

No matter the bases of the complaints of the
cause of your crime, no matter how unpopular
is the cause of your crime, no matter how bad
is the cause of your crime, the legal
practitioner has a duty to take up the cause, if
he's properly briefed and provided that person
represents his client within the bounds of law.

So, no matter the public opinion, I have the
responsibility to take up the matter. We were
properly briefed. So, our action is based on
law. And we want to represent our client
within the bounds of law, within the confines
of law. So, if you for instance, you're a
journalist, if you brief me... you don't want me
to take up your cause, because people are
saying negative things about you, or because
people have condemned you and found you
guilty before the media, that I should not take
up your case?

Look, let me tell you right away. We were
briefed two weeks ago. And I told them to
give me two weeks to think, whether I would
take up the brief or not. I did my consultations.

We consulted even journalists, you can go and
make enquiries. I consulted my people. I
consulted senior lawyers. So, have I done
what is wrong by taking the cause of my
clients? Forget what people say in the court
of public of opinion, he said.

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