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A Nigerian born Horward University graduate named Boluwatife Aiki-Raji has been offered a full-time position from Twitter to work as their Software Engineer.

Prior to attending Howard University, Bolu attended a technical school after taking a year off from graduating high school at Olashore International School in Nigeria. It was while he attended his technical school Bolu ignited his passion for computer science creating his first website.

" I met two wonderful people at Howard who are now my roommates, Errol Grannum and Barry Harris, they along with his mentor, Emmanuel Ademuwagun and their interest in computer science spurred the change of my major," Bolu said, as he explained the birth of his passion for computer science.
According to HBCUBuzz.com, while attending Howard, Bolu was exposed to various opportunities in his career path that any student would consider an honor to receive.

Bolu served as a Google EDGE Participant his freshman year and continued to move full speed ahead.

Trier, a recruiter from Twitter had known Bolu since his freshman year and so this made him able to sell himself and his interest in the company. Bolu then went through a rigorous interview process including one with CEO Jack Dorsey; soon after he received the offer.

Bolu describes it as a wonderful feeling to be offered this position.

"Twitter is a wonderful company and I have met amazing people there. I love my team at Twitter and I feel right at home with them."
He was sold on the idea of working at Twitter because the company has started to take necessary steps to close the diversity and inclusion gap something that is a prevalent issue in the workforce.

"I know the position at Twitter will give me an opportunity to help other computer science majors like myself sometime down the line. I am also happy because I believe I have made my parents proud."

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