Captain Mohammed Joji

Former Managing Director of the defunct Nigerian Airways, Captain Mohammed Joji, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government not to romance the Niger-Delta Avengers by going into dialogue with them.
Joji was speaking in Kaduna on Wednesday.
He said that Nigeria, like China should introduce capital punishment for stealing and corrupt practices.

Joji said, by blowing up oil pipelines and destroying other key facilities that affect the economy of Nigeria, the Avengers had declared war against the Nigerian state, therefore, they should not be treated with globe hands..

The captain said the militant group had inflicted a lot of pains on Nigerians and about to cripple the nation's economy.

While lamenting that the activities of the Avengers was responsible for the scarcity of aviation fuel, the aviation expert said, "If the 'madness' is allowed to continue, it would ground the aviation industry, which will in turn ground the economy."

According to him, "Fuel scarcity in the aviation sector is a sabotage by the so called Niger-Delta Avengers, so pipeline vandalism must be brought to a halt if the crisis must end.

"I am not an advocate of negotiations with a terrorist group. So, the Federal Government should forget about democracy and go fire for fire with the Avengers," he said.

Speaking on the fight against corruption, the Kaduna based industrialist said, capital punishment for corrupt people was the way out, if we must rid the country of corruption.

In his words, "Each time I think of how corruption has dragged down the development of Nigeria, I just wish we can do what China is doing; slaughtering whoever found guilty of stealing and corruption. We should not be seen as sympathetic to people who want to ruin the nation's economy for personal gain."

He, however, called for the establishment of spacial courts to try corruption cases, in order to fast track justice delivery.

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