Bellow are List of Boizian that Do work Hard day in day Out for the Progress of the Site and Proudlyboiz crew wana
Reward them with Admin
Crown before weekend.


Above names are List of
members Likely to be our Super Admin buh we would Like to give them Little Test for 2 or 3 days so that All Boizian gonna
knw what they Rilly worth.

All Boizian Should Keep eyes on them as they Shows us what they can offer us by Posting Hot
Tips, Tweaks, News, Gists,
Tutorials in the Forum...
The game Start Now, You can also be One of our admin by Posting hot TIPS, TWEAKS, GISTS,

NOTE:- You might get Your self Out of the game If You post Useless article on Our Forum..

Watch out for Full Admin List this weekend..

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