It a great news to announce that the long awaited (Now Version 3.0 is now available.
I just dont have much stories but i must commend our team of developers for a great work.

Outside other underground fixes, these are the major ones you can visibly see:
[li]The site is now easily accessible as the main page links to almost every aspect of the site. (Dont worry pc users, we re cooking something just manage for now)[/li]
[li]You can now change your signature that appears immediately after each posts. The default is I just Love netnaija. change yours now at[/li]
[li]You can now quote posts(except for first posts) as you see at the last line of each replies[/li]
[li]You can now edit the posts made by you.[/li]
[li]You can now like posts. As you see at the bottom of this first post[/li]
[li]The time where your hardwork is taken for nothing is now over. Users who are neither admin nor moderators, are now ranked according to your activities on the site.[/li]
[li]Boring times are also over as henceforth you get recent forum activities at[/li]
[li]You can now track topics and get notified immediately someone posts a reply to the topic.[/li]
[li]Your own activities are shown on your profile[/li]
[li]Your profile is now easily accessible. Just type ""yourusername and you would be shown your profile e.g mine is[/li]
[li]At anytime you want to contact the admins simply go through[/li]
[li]You can easily access all topics created by anyuser. Simply goto the users profile and you would see a link there.[/li]

If you encounter any error while browsing the site simply contact me via pm or mail [email protected]

These are the ones i can remember, any other would be updated in this post.

Lead developer: Analike Bridge
Jerome Steven (Set the ball rolling and was always there)
Okunlola Adekunle (Came up with great ideas)

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  • Date: Oct 05, 2012

Do I say Welc0me? I remain CHEATMASTER. But Changed my Username today nd 4eva! Yhu all welc0me.

  • Date: Oct 05, 2012

Guyz m also a webmaster I wanna join ur team


are u not with us?

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