Thank you to everyone who participated in our App-Install Giveaway.

The giveaway is now concluded and we have paid all our winners except for the following 3 users;

- Judeesha

- Jadearmy

- Braun

They did not attach any prize collection information to their comments and we are giving them oppurtunity to do so. If you're mentioned above, please chat us on Whatsapp (08152377889) indicating the name and model of the Phone that has the Install-ID you commented.

Congratulations to the winners.

You can find the winners list as well as payment confirmation in the documents linked below.





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  • Date: Jul 24

I really appreciate netnaija for the token sent to me, I have seen my own reacharge card. God will continue to bless you

  • Date: Jul 24

I have seen the alert thanks, lemme subscribe and download

  • Date: Jul 24

I was paid, first giveaway I won ever in my life... Thank you Netnaija

  • Date: Jul 24

Nawa o, this life no just balance.... after all my downloads and referrals off Netnaija.com

  • Date: Jul 24

This is the first giveaway I've gotten in my life of all the ones I've tried. You people are great.. Thanks so much

  • Date: Jul 24

thank you so much. I have been a fan of net Naija even before you guys changed ur domain name.

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