To mark Nigeria's 52 independence celebration,we are creating dis promo were u can win N1000 recharge card daily..


How to win

Invite atleast 27 members in a day and Stand a Chance of becoming an admin instantly, and also qualify 2 win N1000 recharge card..


If u invite more dan 100 people u automatically win N2,000..d person dat invites more people has higher chances of winning the N1000 daily price..invite the highest number of people in a month and win d ultimate price of a blackberry storm 2.. Real and confirm with the Screen Shot For the Rest Members to See!!!


NOTE: Make sure the people u invite register Through Your Profile Url cos We gonna be seeing the details in Our Database with IP Address detected..

Then post ur name number nd d usernames of the people u invite on the promo thread located at the 'site news' corner of the forum.daily winners list will be posted on the home page.

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Signed: Proudlyboiz.Com Team

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  • Date: Oct 02, 2012

I have invited 5 people. Jentle hazee, mukky, kyle ib tefu, easytefu, azonto

  • Date: Oct 02, 2012

We would draft a tutorial 0n h0w to generate yur Profile Url Asap! Note: If yhu register tru ur Url urself, we would kn0w through our Database. This s Php n0t xhtml..

  • Date: Oct 02, 2012

helo cheatmaster d prf u send 2 me is 4 anoda member i jst notice dat 2dae nd sum of my frd has register 2ru it