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What ever is being headed by Seventh
world most corrupt country "Nigeria" always has bad effect at its first stage.

Nigeria is still a developing country
with no good record of technologies
that is why MTN is the most successful foreign company in Nigeria.

MTN understands the level of technology in Nigeria , now they have launchhed winning of airplane with just few thousands. All of this are

To day i want to delve
deeper.Jamb has introduced
computer system, do you know

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President Barrak Obama won
as U.S President because all
voting is based on computer,
Result is instant.

Nigeria can introduced same
method to avoid twisting of
result but Nigerian leaders
behind the scene refuses.

I am not talking of Goodluck
ebele jonathan, men who are
controlling Nigeria don't appear
on the screen, jonathan is just
a comouflag, he has no control
over the affairs of Nigeria.

They said Nigeria is still
under developed country so
they can't use computer
voting system. when the
leaders are not using computer
why introducing it to the

Most Nigerian will fail after
the exam not because they are
not inteligent but because the
country is yet to attain such

According to jamb registrar
Mr. Ojerinde, he said that
they are still testing this
cbt and they will have to test
it for 2 years. You See,
now let me ask you, do you
want to take the risk of
something that has not yet
been confirmed ok?

Nigeria is still developing
so don't choose CBT, choose PPT which we all are familiar with
right from nursery to secondary.

In America, secondary student
uses computer from start to
finish so they are use to it.
They are the largest English
speaking country and known for
100% performance in technology.

Hardly can you find computer in
every home in Nigeria.

Adekunle Ajasin University Akungba (AAUA) introduced computer based exam 2012, do you want to know the
performance of their students?

AAUA recorded the worst performance
since the foundation of the school.

So you can imagine what will happen
in Jamb 2013.

Now, guru CHEATMASTER D'GREAT gives a professional advice that you don't choose CBT.

CBT is still under testing by jamb,
the real name is not CBT its called

As for 2013 registration do not
do your registration yet i will
let you know when to.

As for those who wnt to Subscribe for
our jamb packages, you have passed
your jamb 2013 already.
Since April 4, 2009 i have never
supplied fake answers so you have
passed jamb 2013 already.

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I am one of Nigeria no.1 Online Jamb
Guru. we have been on this
issue of e-testing [cbt] since
2011 so being the first set i
recommend you dont use it. use
what you are acquainted with.

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