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Please find attachment of FortressCash PPt Presentation by visiting the file is about 34+ mb, you may need to download dropbox to enable you download the file.

How to start:
When you introduce the Fortresscash digital products to individuals looking to improve their lives, you are giving them the opportunity to create for themselves these four freedoms. You are helping them get what they really want. This is a win-win-win scenario. This is the reason why Fortresscash was created --- to help every person win.

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Fortresscash provides excellent business opportunity with monetized digital products on Entrepreneurship, Business, Finance, Administrative and Leadership Empowerment. Fortresscash is exactly what you've been looking for... the coolest and most exciting, empowering and moneymaking system on the internet today, a unique structure, created to benefit you even with your existing career. Pay US$25 to Fortress Crown Cash Inc. Bank Account and receive your PIN and Serial Number which will enable you to login and register in

Pay N4000 for your starter kit at Any Bankers:

GT Bank-
Account No.: 0165073025
Account Name: Fortress Crown Cash

First Bank-
Account No.: 2027061147
Account Name: Fortress Crown Cash

Domilicary Account-

GT Bank-
Account No.: 0165073087
Account Name: Fortress Crown Cash
or call +238038429169 for Local Banker details in your country.

While filling the Bank Deposit Teller,
Depositor's Name must be: FL859148/Anthony
Depositors Number must be your mobile number.
Call +238038429169 for inquiry or leave a message on WHATSAPP.

Immediately payment is made, you will receive your PIN and Serial Number which will enable you to login and register in

Your replicating site is automatically created and you instantly download your monetizer eBook through your back office, and will further be paid 75% of your initial payment immediately at the filling of your first downline (3 persons).

"No matter who referred them, even with spillover, you will get paid directly to your Saving or Current Account of any commercial Bank. pay plan is a 3X3 forced matrix with 9 Levels in three classes named Gold Class, Diamond Class and Platinum Class, each with three levels therein. All payments are made directly to qualified member's payment processor account! Our system accurately shows the recipient's Payment Details. However, you can also join just to avail yourself of the success education and personal empowerment, in conjunction with your regular profession.

What is the cost of the Monetizer products related to its value?

Now, as to the actual value of the e-Book for any particular member, this is harder to quantify. Fortresscash digital Monetizer products are designed to help the member perceive his or her circumstances in a more favorable light. It is created to educate and stimulate and empower members into making decisions and taking actions to improve his or her life. What that value is in actuality is different for every person who receives the products on regular basis.

And what about the monetizer products being a fully DIGITAL product, does that detract from its value? To answer this question, let's ask another: Is the value of a book or coaching manual in the paper it is printed on or is the value in the words? Well, if you were given a book with no words on its pages, you would agree that it didn't have much worth (outside of it being a notebook). The value of any book is in its words, not so much in the paper it is printed on. Therefore a digital product has just as much value as an old-fashioned tangible product. Perhaps the digital product actually has more value in the sense that it can be downloaded instantly from literally anywhere worldwide and read or viewed on multiple mobile platforms. That's higher technology adding ever greater value to digital products as this 'Information Century' unfolds.

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  • Date: Jul 08, 2016

Good day sir. Just a question I want to ask. how can I be so sure that this is real?

  • Date: Nov 27, 2016