WARNING: This offer your about to receive now is extremely real and well practiced in some regions of the world. There shouldn't be any atom of doubt in you , not minding the fact that some people have abused and used such possible means to scam people far and wide on the net. Whatever is said free is totally free.

How To Get The Free MTN Recharge Card?

The most active readers gets free MTN recharge card as simple as that.

How if you may ask?

There are so many Share on this Website leading to different sites with related topics and relevant contents. So once you browse through them and Click on share to share the topic on each Thread, you have Register yourself with 1 Points and yhu must have 1,000 Share click point b4 Getting the free MTN recharge card, that is why you must be an active reader because that's the only way you would be able to land on the correct lucky page.

Where Should I Browse Through?

Very good question, take note of all the Forum, tutorials etc section of this website, you would see Facebook & Twitter Share Button, Click on them and become an active reader/viewer until you suddnenly land on the lucky points, and you know what that means, you won yourself the card.

How will I get the card?

First of all you will need to send us the phone number in which you would like to receive it to, and of course with your Idenfication (preferably your e-mail address). After yhu have gotten 1,000 Points, Send it to us via our Twitter Page.

So that it would be able to get to you when you have merited it, you will receive a message to your phone with the 12 Digit PIN.

How much I will Receive?

The amount of time you spent on this website and the thread you navigated to, will be recorded alongside with your phone number/Identification you provided at ur profile, this continues until you navigate to the correct lucky Point 1,000 Point. The total efforts achived will then be converted to airtime and will be delivered to you as recharge Pin to your phone.

NOTE: Each share earn you 1 point, spend 1hour on this site and earn 3 points...

How many people gets the recharge card.

There is no limit to the number of people that gets it as far as you have merited it consider it yours, so don't say you won't be able to gain anything from trying.


It is always best to give things a try especialy to situations like this. You have nothing to lose but much to gain just give a little of your time and see what happens. The most funny aspect of it is that as your browsing through those links your gaining two things, your getting information and contents which may be relevant and useful to you and secondly your drawing nearer to win yourself with the pincode.

I hope with all these you are now convinced and will now start gaining your self with free extra MTN recharge card, any question feel free to leave them at the coment box below.

Signed by: Netnaija.com Crew

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  • Date: Oct 18, 2012

read my previous comment brov!!!!!! watch out for glo, etisalat and airtel... for now, is mtn users only!!!!!

  • Date: Oct 18, 2012

Hmm @roberata/archilldan. . .pls hw kan i knw hw many numba of points i hav, or pls snd it 2 me on prv8 msg pls

Godbless netnaija, roberata nd al d membas

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