Instructions: Answer all questions.
Calculators not allowed
TIME:1hour 30mins.

1. What are the names of the 2
people holding hands when you
switch on a Nokia phone???

2. If the past tense of take is took,
what is the past tense of make??

3. I have a dream is to Luther
King, as I have no shoes
is to.....???

4. If someone from Kano is
referred to as Bakane, what do
you call someone from Taraba?

5. Which Nigerian university has
the highest number of ladies with

6. If Buhari is a friend to Obasanjo
on facebook, who sent the friend
request and why???.


Attempt all questions:
1. Between the Nigerian Police
and the Nigerian girl, who likes
money more???

2. Using the almighty formulae,
calculate the diameter of Kanji
dam [take pie=3.142]

3. If your X-boyfriend/ girlfriend
wins N5million immediately after
you broke up, find the value of X

4. If Ada is a girl and Obi is a boy,
who is Adaobi?

ALL THE BEST.. Your time starts

NOTE : This exam is for all member and admin, the (winner) to get all the question rite will received the sum of TWO THOUSAND NAIRA LIVE.....

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  • Date: Oct 11, 2012

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