No, you didn't read that wrong! With 1xBet and the wide range of special bets, that's very much a possibility. Well, unless your wager turns out to be true because in that situation you won't need money anyway. But getting back to serious things, if you're bored with sports betting or you just want to try something different for a change, 1xBet is the place to be. In today's article we are going to explore the various special markets 1xBet makes available for its customers.

The Widest Range of Betting Markets - 1xBet

For those of you that haven't heard about 1xBet until now, your life is about to change. There is no bookmaker in Nigeria, as well as the rest of the world, that delivers so many different bet types on various sports. In total, there are over 90 sports with hundreds of competitions and thousands of betting markets you can choose from. You can unlock all that simply by creating an account at 1xBet and that's not all! The odds offered by 1xBet go beyond sport and punters have all sorts of opportunities to make a profit.


Special Bets at 1xBet

There's an extended list of special bets you can choose from that don't necessarily have to do with the end of the world as we know it. There are much more entertaining betting lines available at 1xBet when it comes to special bets. For example, you can try and predict who the next president of the United States will be. Donald Trump is favorite for another mandate right now, however, other names including celebrities appeared in the race and it's going to be an interesting campaign once again.

If you're not that much into politics, there's nothing to be worried about. There are a lot of exciting bets on celebrities and TV shows as well. For example, you can try and predict the name of the fourth child of the Kanye West Kim Kardashian couple. Or, if you think you're better at guessing who will claim the Nobel Peace prize in 2019 you can go ahead and take your chances at that. There are various other options to choose from, like guessing which currency will be more valuable between the EURO and the GBP, the next Governor of the Bank of England, the Most Followed Twitter account. In total, you have over 100 lines of special bets to choose from and make betting even more interesting and fun. However, don't leave out the winning potential out of this as you will see the odds are nothing you see at regular, sporting bets.


Betting on the End of the World?

Why not? It's all fun and games as long as it doesn't actually happen. But it's nothing that apocalyptic or useless. The special line offered by 1xBet about the end of the World requires customers to predict if that even will happen this year, or before a given year. So, if you get it right, you can just as well enjoy the two-digits odds offered for this rather unusual bet. It's actually one of the few bets that reward you if you're wrong.


No matter if you're into politics, finance, TV shows, celebrities, the weather or cryptocurrency, it's good to know that 1xBet offers you a betting market for almost anything you can think of. And, since there's no other bookmaker out there that is more determined to keep their promise, 1xBet will payout even if your 'end of the world' betting slip turns out to be accurate. It's up to you to decide if you'll still need the money or not. One thing is certain, though, in order to enjoy all these fun and rewarding bets, you have to be a registered member of 1xBet so hurry up and create an account right now!

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