A Facebook User, identified as Hrm Abimbola Abiola Abonlale, has shared photos of how his new househelp was caught with charms.

According to him, the househelp, a guy was brought to his house, just 3 days ago, and he was in possession of various charms!

Abolanle shared the pictures on his Facebook page and wrote;

"This house help was brought to my house three day's Ago ..... All this was found with him in his room. Olugbowun. Asegbee. Alupayida. According to him.."

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Charms 01?resize=640%2C853

Charms 02?resize=640%2C853

Charms 03?resize=640%2C853

Charms 04?resize=640%2C853
Help 0?resize=640%2C853

Help 01?resize=640%2C853

Help 02?resize=640%2C853

Help 03?resize=640%2C853

Help 04?resize=640%2C853

Help 05?resize=640%2C853

Help 06?resize=640%2C853