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A Nigerian Lady, who is obviously heartbroken and sad has come on social media to narrate how she was scammed by fraudsters today at the ATMs". In a rather sad note, she explained how she met a guy at the ATM who happened to be a member of a syndicate. The man posed as someone that needed cash but did not have an ATM card to withdraw, so he needed someone to transfer to him. The lady offered to help, but this turned into a slap on her face.

Read what she had to say below:

"I met this guy at the ATM queue today in Lagos, he was looking for someone to transfer money into his account so that he will give cash to the person, I transferred money for him and he said I should follow him"

"to his car So that he will give me the cash, reaching the car i saw his friend inside then he entered the car and he friend zoomed off and he brought his head out of the window and said Welcome to Lagos!"

"Why do Bad things happen to Good people?"

E GEriIn_

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