A Nigerian woman by name Faith Chuku who is based in the United Kingdom has died a cruel death after she was shot dead by armed robbers in Rivers state. The woman was said to have returned to the country to visit her parents when the tragic incident happened.

Narrating the story on social media, Gabriela Okwara wrote: "One of my juniors in secondary school, a young promising girl who was traveling to Abuja alongside her mum to get their visas and head back to the U.K. was shot dead by the trolls on Elele road and some insensitive clowns here are telling me to not raise alarm on the high rate of insecurity on East west road in other not to paint Rivers State bad, are you kidding me? Where is your conscience? Instead of you to lament, stage protest and demand that the security personnels at state and federal level do their jobs, you are there talking plenty! God have mercy on you. ??..
Rest In Peace Faith Chuku! Sail on Hallel instrument... ?"


Another friend, Blessing Akpan added: "Spoke with your mom and she says '' Ble, we have lost your sister Faithy, armed robbers has taken her away from us. But she has gone to a better place.''

"I prefer you were here Faith????, heaven should have waited longer before receiving you."

Miz Borlah also expressed her anguish over the news and wrote: "O my Sweet friend, Our paths crossed in 2010 for the first time and i instantly knew we would be life long friends. You are the meekest, gentlest and kindest soul i have ever known, To now make it more real, you shared the same birth date with my brother. We never saw eye to eye. You were smart, beautiful, peaceful, meek and too cool to be true. You never fought with anyone and you always were my hype woman.


"Never did i know that Angels truly do not last long because they are too good for this cruel world. The news of your death was the first thing I heard this morning and I cant stop the tears. I am still waiting for someone to tell me it is a lie and you were mistaken for someone else. My heart is too heavy. The tears are so hot my heart aches so bad. You were still young, full of dreams. I can only pray that your family finds peace in this troubling times cos I dont know when i will come to terms with this. I love you and will always love you and you will forever be in my heart. My Chuku Faith! My Ariwera! Rest in peace my dear friend. We shall meet at Jesus feet."

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