Chloe Morris, a 13-year-old schoolgirl has killed herself in her bedroom.

The young girl committed suicide after arguing with her mum during the school holidays, an inquest heard.

According to The Sun UK, the Year 8 pupil Chloe Morris was found dead by her stepdad Anthony Morris at their Bristol home on May 30.

An inquest into her death heard the teen had a minor argument with her mum before she was found hanged upstairs, the Bristol Post reports.

The pupil at Bridge Learning Campus had been at home during May half-term and was doing arts and crafts when her brother is said to have messed up her work.

She was sent to her room after arguing with her mum - but later her stepdad found her hanged when she went to check on her.

He and Chloe's mum performed CPR on her until the paramedics arrived but she was pronounced dead at 5.30pm the same day.

Dr Saras Hosdurga told the inquest the young girl had no mental health problems.

Avon Coroners' Court heard the teen's motive to take her own life was "unclear".

Senior coroner Maria Voisin recorded a short narrative conclusion and said: "Chloe died as a consequence of her own actions but her intentions are unknown."

The youngster was popular at school and tributes to her described her as "always smiling" and "friendly and kind".

She was a member of the school's cooking club and teachers praised her skills and the way she treated other members of the club.

Headteacher Keziah Featherstone wrote in a newsletter: "She was a very popular girl with close friends and was an excellent student making great progress.

"As headteacher I don't know all thousand students at BLC that well - but I knew Chloe.

"We would chat at lunch time, she won awards, she had amassed an incredible amount of VIVOs and she was always with her friends, happy and laughing."

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