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A disturbed wife has accused her husband of ruining their home after she caught him in the arms of another woman.

The woman identified as Winnet Munyonga explained how she caught her husband, Inspector Navison Munyonga, in the act with a mobile money transfer agent, Choice Madzima.

"Someone told me that my husband was being accommodated by a single lady who is an EcoCash agent and I trapped them and caught him in the arms of Choice," said Winnet.

According to H-metro, Winnet alleges that the s*x act took place in Chikurubi area of Zimbabwe and she made the discovery after a tip off last week. The inspector is accused of having spent days away from home claiming he was on overtime.

This led to an investigation by the wife.

Winnet says she then started to take photographs as part of evidence she will use in court.

"They were caressing each other on her bed and I only managed to capture photographs of the two and he started taking me photographs as well.

"Winnet also made accusations against Choice, which could not be verified

"I am legally married for 18 years and blessed with three kids but my husband was lured by Choice. She is said to have consulted self-styled prophets," she said.

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"Akutopfekedzwa magemenzi achiendeswa kumapositori.

"Akanwiswa mvura dzemuteuro nematombo pfungwa dzikarasa mhuri," she said.

"It pains much that after undergoing difficulties someone starts cheating because apihwa nyembe ochishandisa kutsvaka vakadzi, I will take legal action against Choice for wrecking my marriage," she added.

Contacted for comment, Munyonga could neither deny nor confirm cheating with Choice.

He said Winnet had already approached courts for legal action.


"I cannot comment over that issue since legal action has already been taken for your own information," said Inspector Munyonga.

Choice could not be reached for comment but is seen on the photographs lying on the bed with Munyonga in her bedroom.

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