How to Open MT5 Account For Trading

The currency exchange marketplace gives everyone a chance to gain from the knowledge of the everchanging rates. With dedicated software provided by Alpari, traders in South Africa can sell and buy currencies with ease. MetaTrader 5 is the latest, most advanced version of the available platform. Here is a brief guide on how to start trade with Alpari MT5 in Nigeria.


Before You Begin

The first question to clarify is what type of account you need. Newbies possessing little knowledge of the market should take advantage of the demo mode before diving into the world of real-money trading. If you are willing to begin trading actual currencies or stocks, switch to the live mode.

Your broker should be able to provide ample educational material to help you learn the ropes of Forex trading. The risk-free account requires no investment, brings no profit, but enables you to test all the functions of an actual live account. Installation involves several simple stages. From the initial setup to the transfer of funds, here are the basics of account creation.

Setting Up the Program

Begin by downloading the installation file from the website of your provider, such as Alpari. If you use Mac, you may need to follow the standard procedure for any app obtained from outside the App Store. With Windows, simply follow the steps in the wizard that starts once you launch the .exe file. 

Smartphone users can easily find the program in the Google Play Market or App Store. Metatrader is optimized for Android and iPhone systems alike. There are thousands of user reviews for each app, which only confirms their popularity.

Entering Account Details

Upon the first run, the software will suggest connecting to a server from the list. Your choice will depend on the broker you have chosen to work with. Once the server is picked, you will be asked to provide your login information either for a live or demo account.


How Do I Create an Account?

Generally, both types of accounts may be created by filling in a form on your broker's website. In the case of a demo account, an email containing the login details will be sent to you immediately. For a live account, you need to follow a vetting procedure first. After all, live trading means your real money is involved, as opposed to the pure training mode.

One of the many benefits of signing up with Alpari International is the speed of registration. The company has made the procedure quick and effective, so it will take just a few minutes.

As a rule, you need to submit verifiable contact details, including phone number, tax details, and ID information. You may be asked to upload some of these documents, and it is necessary to read and accept the confirmation notice. Once your request is given the green light, you receive the desired account details by email.

A Few Further Steps

Once you gain details of your freshly created account, you may use them to log in on the platform. To do this, use the Account ID as your login and the main password. To find the login fields, click on the File tab at the top of the screen.

You will now see the 'Log in to Trade Account' option. If the attempt has been successful, you will find your account details in the left side window. It is titled 'Navigator'.

Although the platform has a wide range of graphs and visual aids, it is worth downloading some extras. Get the MetaTrader 5 Supreme Edition Plugin (MTSE), which is a custom enhancement devised by finance pros. It will supply you with more indicators ad sources of guidance for your trading experience.

How Do I Transfer Money?

Usually, this is done through your broker's website. Once you log in, you should be able to put funds into the registered account. Users from South Africa may choose from a range of payment methods. The clearance procedure may take a couple of business days, after which you will see the account balance change. Withdrawals are normally processed in a similar way.

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