Day before Yesterday, we released the part one of the online money making series. Today we're dropping the part two.

Remember we're talking about ways to earn money online, through google adsense. But we said it is important to have your own blog/website. On this tutorial, we'll teach you how you can get a free blog, so that you can start making money online with little or no investment.

1. Visit any of the common free blogging platform. I.e OR

2. Follow their instruction and create your blog, with a unique blog address. Either with your name or with names that relate to the topic you wish to write about on your blog.

3. No start posting original articles, written by you on the blog. Don't even copy articles from another site because google won't accept you for adsense if dem see say na copy copy you dey do.

4. Read news and info from another site, re-write them on your site in a whole different ways. To attract readers.

5. Share those articles on your facebook, twitter, reddit, digg, stumbleupon e.t.c. Remember that the main objective is to get people to visit your blog.

6. After some weeks of operating the blog, and you've been getting visitors. Then you'll apply for google adsense. Our next tutorial (PART 3) will be on how to apply for google adsense.

7. Remember that to make money online no be easy thing, you must be ready to work hard, so as to make it. Write article, share them on facebook, comment on other popular blogs with links back to your own blog.

8. But the reward is huge, imagine living in Nigeria and you're earning money in euro. Huge money. See you at the top bro.

Coming Soon Part 3 of Our Money Making Tutorial + How to Earn Cool Cash on Wapka Site.

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