In a world where international crisis or recession doesn’t knock your door before falling upon you, you need to have some extra cash in hand to run your home in such times or to save and get ready for the future. A normal person in a standard economy earns income only sufficient enough to pay the day-to-day expenses

It is not necessary to pick another job working and staying outside all day and night, not having the time to spend with your family. Online jobs now give you the advantage of working from your comfy sofa in your home. One of these wonderful alternatives to offline jobs is data entry work. Data entry jobs consist of typing simple data, copy paste work, filling online data forms, editing images and organizing data. There are many employers from small businesses to multi-national entities searching for workers to do the small stuff. Although these look as small, they are very highly paid jobs and preferred all over the internet. Starters can be paid from 300-500$ per month with less information to type and manage and easy instructions. Salaries given to experienced workers can range from $2000-$4000 monthly. They may consume a good part of your time and they will get strict instructions, but as you must know, nothing is achieved without hard work and investing your time.

The most amazing thing about data entry is that most of its tasks do not require any special skills or training and can be done by a novice user. Simple typing jobs include typing of information or data into word documents. Sources of this information can be either pdf text documents, pictures, scanned pages or from any other source from where the material cannot be copied from.

Copy paste tasks are even easier than the typing ones. You will be given a specific subject or a topic where you will have to research and copy and paste the material to word documents then submitted to the employer. Owners of small businesses often carry out these tasks on their own but employers from large ventures don’t have enough time for these weary tasks where you have to surf the net, find the particular information and copy paste it. This process takes time and thus they employ the right person for their work from freelance websites, paying generously; an advantage to the data-entry operator.

While doing data entry, you may be given many projects where you have to fill a large number of online forms. All the data that has to be plugged in will already be provided with clear instructions. You will have to visit the sites given and manually fill in the forms.

Other operations include image editing and organizing a set of data. You will probably be given some images of importance to the company and you will be asked to edit the images in a way they want through any image editor. For e.g. a company asks you to delete the watermark in 150 pictures given to you using Adobe Photoshop. This also takes time but is highly rewarded by the employers. On the other hand, you might be given some unmanaged data on an excel spreadsheet and your task would be to organize it in a manner that is accepted by the company. You may be even asked to plot the data yourself and then organize it using a MS Excel spreadsheet.

For making data entry tasks fast, you should increase your typing speed to a maximum, so that more time is saved. Other than that you can use free 3rd party tools available on the internet to help you in these data entry jobs. Other types of data entry jobs are also available at freelancing websites. These take time to complete but are favored relatively above other freelancing jobs as they require no particular skill or talent and any one is able to do them. In addition, they are easy and highly paid.


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