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former Bolivia youth international who played for second division outfit University of Trinidad before his death Former Bolivia youth international Deibert Frans Roman Guzman has become the first footballer to die from coronavirus complications.

Bolivian football is mourning not only Guzman's death but also the demise of his father and uncle who died of COVID-19.

According to a report on The Sun, Guzman, who played for Bolivian second division outfit University of Trinidad, lost his battle after several weeks in hospital.

His death comes after he lost his father Belizario Roman, the former president of University of Trinidad, and his uncle Luis Carmelo Roman, manager of Deportivo Perejique, to the virus.

It was gathered that the footballing trio were all from Beni, one of the states in Bolivia largely hit by coronavirus pandemic.

They shared the same house in the Paititi neighborhood, with Belizario's wife and two daughters.

Before moving to Bolivian second division outfit University of Trinidad, Roman Guzman previously enjoyed a spell with top-flight side Nacional Potosi.

According to reports, Beni, which has a population of 420,000, has so far recorded over 1,200 cases of Covid-19 and 77 deaths.

While Bolivia as a nation has suffered 8,387 cases of coronavirus and 293 related deaths.

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