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UEFA boss Aleksander Ceferin has said that English Premier League leaders Liverpool will be crowned champions one way or the other, according to reports from SunSport.

FA chiefs are confused on what to do with the suspended league despite Liverpool's 25-point gap over second placed Manchester City and are just two wins away from the title.

England clubs are still unsure of how the season will end and tension continues to rise at Anfield as the Reds are six points away from ending their 30-year title wait.

Ceferin insists they will be rewarded "one way or the other" as there are suggestions that the league should either be cancelled or be voided.

The UEFA chief seemingly rubbished such theories, but he admitted that the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League could be voided.

"I can't see a way Liverpool could be left without a title," Ceferin told Slovenian publication EkipaSN
"If the Premier League resumes play, Liverpool will almost certainly win the title.

"Theoretically it's not all over, but practically Liverpool are on the verge of it.

"If by any chance the play will not resume, we still have to find a way to declare final results, to declare champions.

"And again I cannot see, I cannot imagine a scenario, in which the champions would not be Liverpool.

"I understand the fans will be disappointed if it happens in an empty stadium or even in the league offices, but I believe they will get the title one way or another."

The continued spread of the novel coronavirus has forced Premier League authorities to suspend the league indefinitely, but reports say it could restart in June where teams play behind closed doors.

An unnamed Premier League side have reportedly suggested that the suspended 2019/20 season be completed in China due to the fear and threat of coronavirus in England and Europe.

The Premier League has been on suspension since last month after the coronavirus bug became more deadly killing many people in Europe.

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