Emiliano Sala's secret lover Luiza Ungerer has reacted to the shocking death of the Argentine footballer claiming that she will love him for the rest of her life.

The pain of the untimely death of Emiliano Sala is still fresh in the minds of many football lovers in the world considering the nature of how he died.

Sala was traveling from Nantes to join Cardiff City players when the plane he boarded suddenly crashed into the English channel.

Although his body has been found, that of the pilot is still missing, and search is still going on.

And while reacting to Emiliano Sala's demise, Luiza Ungerer who is a 31-year-old Brazilian professional volleyball player, said she had been in relationship with the deceased since 2017.

Luiza said she met Sala during her time playing in France, with the pair first exchanging messages on social media in September 2017 when she was playing for Nantes' female volleyball team.

The woman who has been playing volleyball in France for the past eight years added that January 14 was the last day she saw Emiliano Sala.

''Sala said that he had gone to see Cardiff and that the deal was closed, he was going to play there. It made me really glad because he was very happy. It was his dream, to play in the Premier League.

"I always had hope after his disappearance, because in those hours that's what you have to have until the moment they announced they had found a body, I had hope.

"There was a lot of anguish, not knowing where the plane was, not knowing what was going to happen, with the searches which shouldn't have stopped. It was all anguish.

And while saying farewell to Emiliano Sala, she said "Like you always said to me: 'Thank you for being how you are.' I'm going to love you forever!" she told Brazilian news outlet Globo.

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