Pep Guardiola has snubbed Real Madrid and named their bitter rivals Barcelona, Italian giants Juventus and Bayern Munich as the three best teams in the last decade.

Guardiola believes that the performances of these three teams he mentioned were superb in the last decade and wants his Premier League team to emulate them.

Despite Real Madrid winning the last three Champions League titles, Pep Guardiola made it clear that Juventus, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are his best teams.

The 48-year-old Spaniard revealed this information while speaking in an interview with Marca over the chances of Manchester City winning the Champions League title.

"Which are the best teams of the last decade? Juventus, Bayern and Barcelona, these have been the best three. Why? Because each season they win the League, each season they win the cup, each season they are there.

"These are the three best teams, we should imitate them, not others. When I say Bayern, Juve and Barcelona are the best, it's because no matter what happens, they always come back.

''Their consistency is what I respect and admire. This is my dream, in every game of every competition we try to do this and so far, we are achieving it,''
Guardiola explained.

Meanwhile, Manchester City are currently occupying second position on the Premier League standings with 56 points after 23 games played this season.

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