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      Super Eagles and Arsenal legend Kanu Nwankwo has made it clear that 542 lives have been saved through his Heart Foundation 18 years after its creation.

      The rigor and pain the 42-year-old went through in 1996 when he was operated made him to establish a Foundation which is helping people who have heart problems.

      According to the report by Guardian, Kanu Nwankwo explained how a young girl named Eniton benefited from his Foundation when her mother rushed her to him at the Hotel.

      Kanu explained that he was in the Super Eagles Hotel preparing for an Africa Cup of Nations game when Eniton's mother rushed in with tears and begging for help.
      "The mum wanted to show me the girl for me to help and when she saw me at the hotel, she was shouting and suddenly the girl fainted. Later on at the hospital I promised the mum that the first kid we were going to operate on would be her daughter.
"For a little girl of that age not playing, no energy in her, not moving around; she doesn't smile, the eyes are blue. They are really suffering, in a really bad situation, and you ask yourself If nobody comes in to help and they die.
"We have saved 542, but we keep doing it. This week four patients went to Sudan and we're hearing that the operations were successful and another six are about to leave as well.
"We have partnered with hospitals, we do check-ups, we talk to the parents, we educate them and at the same time we take the kids to other countries for operations,''
Kanu Nwankwo explained.
     Kanu insisted that his concern is to develop and discover array of talents through his wide range of contacts all over the world, adding that he wants to continue to save lives via his foundation.

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