A person who lives in the Eastern Region of Ghana has confirmed he possesses both male and female reproductive organs, a rare medical condition named hermaphroditism.

In an interview sighted by Legit.ng on TV3 Ghana's Facebook page, Mr Brown, as he calls himself, mentioned that he grew up being confused as to whether he was male or female and, as a child, attending to nature's call in school, it was embarrassing as he possessed both organs.

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"My parents named me Akua, but I felt I was more male than female and decided to rename myself Brown and stop wearing female dresses," he said.

Watch the full video below:

At age 20, Brown visited the medical laboratory for tests that revealed his male hormones performed better than the female ones, which made him decide to undergo a surgical procedure to seal the female organ.

In 2014 a doctor offered to perform a surgery on Brown to remove the female organ, but as fate would have it, the series of four surgeries went wrong, leaving him in excruciating pain.

Currently, Brown is scheduled for another medical procedure worth GHc30,000 (N2,014,088.01) to correct the previous ones but he lacks the funds and needs assistance from well-wishers. 

Hermaphroditism, also referred to as intersex, is defined as a condition in which there is a discrepancy between the external and internal reproductive organs.

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