Hilarious Letter

The hilarious letter written by the last born who is obviously tired of running errands for her siblings at home has gone viral.

According to the young girl, her chores are too much, and it is not a curse to be a last born.

In the letter which was posted by her sister, Mirabelle on Twitter, the young girl Mehitabelle, wrote her family members a letter with a set of rules after she got tired of being the one expected to run most of the errands at home.

Mehitabel states that her two older sisters Michelle and Mirabelle, don't do enough chores at home, so she needed to set the record straight on what she would be willing to do going forward.

She also pointed out the areas where she expects her siblings to do better and warned them about sending her on certain errands.

Our last born is really crossing the line...is this not see finish like this???

She spoke about putting on the generator, being woken after she has gone to bed to put it off, doing the dishes, bathing, feeding and cleaning their dog, etc.

She also mildly addressed her parents in the hilarious letter and mentioned that she was tired of doing "boy boy" for her family.

As expected the letter has drawn numerous reactions online and has been retweeted by over 13 thousand people.

See the letter below;


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