A Nigerian lady identified as @nop_phillips on Twitter has called out her male friend's "jealous" ex-girlfriend for threatening her with acid.

Lady Calls Out Her Male Friends Ex Girlfriend Who Allegedly Threatened Her With Acid

While sharing screenshots of the chat with her male friend's ex-girlfriend, the lady said she has no intention of being in a relationship with her friend but was only in his house to help him cook.

She tweeted;

"I don't understand the idea of fighting over a man, I have never done it and I never will. Imagine the shock of opening my IG and seeing THREATS from a girl telling me to stay away from her man and that she will pour acid and kill me. Please If you know This psycho.

I'm even more irritated cause this guy is just a friend that needed me to help him cook. Imagine fighting and threatening me for a man I'm not interested in

And she is his ex Such a pretty girl that is sick in the head"




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