Have You Ever Witnessed Someone's Life Fully Change In One Instant? See This.

God can turn your mockers' attempt to ridicule you to a blessing. Don't allow people to put you down, no matter what. Now here is the Story.

Meet Henry Suubi. The boy who reported to university with only a empty metallic case and racksack.

August 2019 this poor boy reports for his first day at Makerere University, the main University in Uganda and one of the biggest in Africa. He arrives carrying his luggage to his attached hall of residence, while other kids are being dropped off.

Henry is not aware that his life is about to change dramatically. Coming from a poor background, deep down in the village, he is the third born in a family of eight children raised by a struggling single mother. Henry is lucky to have scored well in his high school exams and the government awarded him a scholarship to study Bachelor of Science in education. Upon Henry's uncool arrival at campus another cool kid takes his photo and then uploads it on social media to mock this village-belly to earn likes and comments. Well, the photo goes viral!

That's how Henry Suubi met God.

A Ugandan senior journalist employed at BBC commits to run a campaign on twitter to change Henry's life. From then up to now, Henry is still receiving gifts. Let me outline a few I have on my fingertips

First, he is invited to the chancellor's office and the chancellor promises him any parental help he will ever need while at university

- A private company has offered to pay for his dream course (Bachelor of science and mechanical engineering) for all the three years

- Restaurants and hotels have committed to give and deliver him lunch and dinner all his three years of the university.

- Several companies have promised and given him shopping

- Henry received over 10 laptops from individuals and companies including his first smartphone

- Designer boutiques have given him clothes and shoes and they promise to do this all through his campus life

- Did I mention that Henry has already got a job, oh engineering companies promised him jobs and internship even before his first university assignment

- The French embassy and ambassador have given him a fully paid trip to Paris whenever he is ready

Well, the list is endless, including getting free sponsorships for his young siblings at home.

I hope I have answered your question. He later met with the boy who took the photo.

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